Tricking Yourself Is A Bad Long-Term Strategy

Putting an idea on the calendar is one way to commit. “If I calendar it, then I have to do it.” That’s true, although there will always be the equation happening in your head that calculates the cost of failing relative to the cost of flaking out. And, of course, the closer the date gets the higher the cost of failing seems. We can always bail.

That seems like a kind of mental trick, the kind that you read Lifehacker posts about. Maybe tricking ourselves into doing good work is a useful strategy once in a while, but as a long term plan it’s pretty lousy. We need strategies instead for initiating meaningful projects and connecting with partners so that we relish the date we’ve set to publish/launch/perform instead of dreading it.

All this to say, Joke Night is in two days.

Also to say, this week’s podcast features someone who started something by first putting it on the calendar but then did the risky work of inviting people (many of them strangers) to come and try it. Listen to her story below.


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