Monday Morning Quarterback (Late Edition)

Note: Monday Morning Quarterback is a weekly post reviewing Sunday, the busiest, most stressful, most gratifying day in the week of a pastor/parent/spouse/citizen.

Here’s to the youth retreat. 

Here’s to waking up at 6:00 on Sunday in a sleeping bag.

Here’s to Via, sure to give me a headache but just as sure to beat camp coffee.

Here’s to the 10th grader who forgot to bring a hairbrush and to his Pastor’s retort: “God gave you two hairbrushes–one at the end of each arm.”

Here’s to the scowl.

Here’s to bacon and eggs, the food of the mountain gods.

Here’s to Reece and his ever-increasing band of singers, drummers, and guitar strummers. Here’s to “debt” and “blood” and “price” and  “He” and “His” and all the other non-inclusive, substitutionary atonement-derived lyrics that populate retreat worship. Here’s to “You are the church” and Reece enlisting the prayers of 50 teenagers for a family friend.

Here’s to Jason. Here’s to the mustache. Here’s to the mustache comb. Here’s to the Kingdom of God illustrated with some clip art that Jason doesn’t notice includes “the millenium.”

Here’s to Capture The Flag.

Here’s to Millason: planner of workshops, tweeker of the schedule, quoter of Buechner, teacher of worship, coach. Here’s to getting off the escalator.

Here’s to stuffing, Thanksgiving come early.

Here’s to Paul. Here’s to Paul. Here’s to Paul. Here’s to checking the score of the Broncos’ game during my talk on The Cross. Here’s to owning it. Here’s to his prayer stations. Here’s to salt in your lemonade.

Here’s to Erin. Perennial good sport, ever proud of her students, designer of crosses, and fearless denizen of denim.

Here’s to worship led by students. Here’s to a 6th grader soldiering through a 15 verse scripture reading in just under 10 minutes. Here’s to The Lord’s Supper in Dixie cups, students praying for their peers, a student teaching The Lord’s Prayer “Like we do it in my church.” Here’s to an impromptu poetry reading from a student who never talks. Ever.

Here’s to Erik. Here’s to Gorgon. Here’s to Grog. Here’s to taking the scaring of youth to a whole new level, reducing them to cowering screams in the water heater closet.  Here’s to Soccer-in-The-Dark and busted shins. Here’s to The Hunger Games and a pastor’s daughter calling out, “You hold her down and I’ll kill her!”

Here’s to dancing til midnight. Here’s to microwave popcorn.

Here’s to young people: their faith, their doubts, their lies, their unholy racket, their compassion, their yearning.

Here’s to the youth retreat.

2013-11-10 21.54.37-2

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